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Top 3 Caustic Soda Suppliers Based on Revenue

Top 3 Caustic Soda Suppliers Based on Revenue

by hossien moshiri
top 3 caustic soda producers

Caustic Soda Suppliers Market Overview

Caustic Soda Suppliers: Caustic soda is used in a variety of applications primarily, the manufacturing of soap and detergents, pulp and paper, petroleum products, alumina, and chemical products among others. Such a wide application base is the primary driving factor for the growth of the global caustic soda market.

Apart from that, other applications include water treatment, textiles, food, glass making, metal processing, mining, and others. Globally, the chemical industry is the major consumer of caustic soda, accounting for almost 40% of total consumption. The rising consumption of caustic soda for manufacturing of chlorinated solvents, chlorinated methanes, and plastics, most notably polyvinyl chloride, is likely to bolster the market growth in upcoming years.

top 3 caustic soda producers

Top Caustic Soda Suppliers

Occidental Chemical Corporation

Occidental Chemical Corporation stands as a prominent global producer of caustic soda, ranking among the largest in the industry. With a steadfast financial position, the company maintains control over the entire value chain through its forward integration into the vinyl industry. Thomson Reuters has bestowed upon Occidental Chemical Corporation the prestigious title of a Top 100 Global Energy Leader, acknowledging their exceptional ability to navigate a multifaceted business landscape while effectively managing financial obligations and addressing regulatory, risk, legal, social, and environmental considerations.

Key Strengths

Producers benefit from the flexibility of operating rates and the assurance of volume, thanks to the guaranteed usage of chlorine.

Diverse product portfolio provides enough stability to the producer to withstand any peaks and troughs in the chlor-alkali market.

Caustic Soda Suppliers

Olin Corporation

In 2019, the segment income for Chlor Alkali Products and Vinyls amounted to $336.7 million, a decrease from the $637.1 million recorded in 2018. The decline in income can be attributed to lower caustic soda pricing, although this was partially offset by reduced raw material and operating costs. Olin Corporation made an announcement on December 11, 2019, regarding the permanent closure of a Chlor alkali plant and a Vinylidene Chloride (VDC) production facility in Freeport, TX. These closures are expected to be finalized by the end of 2020.

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Key Strengths

As the dominant player in the caustic soda market, the producer has the advantage of not being vertically integrated, allowing them to serve various markets in both Latin America and Europe.

LA has become more dependent on the US, due to the rise in input costs of domestic Chlor-alkali production.

Formosa Plastics

In 2018, the sales of plastics (including Caustic soda and PVC) accounted for approximately 34 percent of the total sales. The sales volume of caustic soda remained steady at 1,437K tons, similar to the levels in 2017. This was due to the increased demand for caustic soda in Indonesia and the Middle East for aluminum and Rayon production. However, the global economy slowdown and market oversupply were mitigating factors. Additionally, the import ban on caustic soda to India in the fourth quarter of 2018, due to the lack of approval from the Bureau of Indian Standards, further impacted the market.

Key Strengths

Producers are enabled with flexible operating rates and assured volume, due to guaranteed chlorine usage.

Diverse product portfolio provides enough stability to the producer to withstand any peaks and troughs in the chlor-alkali market.

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