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AMAI: Pioneering the Chlorine Industry in India

AMAI: Pioneering the Chlorine Industry in India

by hossien moshiri

The Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI) has emerged as a pivotal force in driving the promotion and growth of India’s chlor-alkali industry. With a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation, sustainability, and industry best practices, AMAI has played a crucial role in elevating the standards of the chlor-alkali sector within the country. Through collaborative efforts with key stakeholders, including government bodies, research institutions, and industry players, AMAI has championed initiatives aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring environmental compliance, and promoting responsible production practices.

One of AMAI’s notable contributions lies in its proactive approach towards adopting cutting-edge technologies and implementing stringent quality control measures. By serving as a platform for knowledge exchange and continuous learning, the association has facilitated the dissemination of best practices across the industry, thereby contributing to the overall competitiveness and resilience of India’s chlor-alkali sector. The success of AMAI in promoting sustainable growth and responsible business practices makes it a noteworthy template for other countries seeking to develop and strengthen their own chlor-alkali industries. By emulating AMAI’s collaborative and forward-thinking model, nations can establish a robust foundation for the growth of their chemical industries while prioritizing environmental stewardship and societal well-being.

The Association of Chlorine Manufacturers in India (AMAI) stands as a vital entity that unifies and represents companies engaged in the production and distribution of chlorine and its derivatives. Founded with a commitment to promoting the interests of the chlorine industry, AMAI has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of chemical manufacturing in India. In this article, we delve into the history, activities, and key members of AMAI, providing a numbered list along with related websites.


  • AMAI was established to address the unique challenges faced by chlorine manufacturers in India. Its inception marked a collaborative effort among industry leaders to create a platform for advocacy, knowledge exchange, and collective growth.
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  • Represent the Indian Alkali and Chloro-Vinyl industries nationally and globally and facilitate the industry’s technological and economic growth, continuous improvement in protecting human health and environment, guided by sound science, technology and risk management principles. AMAI will achieve this by proactively promoting the industry through practices that are fair, inclusive and sustainable.
  • Promote sustainable growth and development of the Indian Alkali and Chloro-Vinyl industries
  • Holistic development considering the local, regional & global perspectives to sustain the industry
  • Improve Chlorine Safety Performance
  • Encourage Members to continuously improve performance through various methods including Responsible Care
  • Promote Resource Conservation
  • Promote sound management of Chemicals
  • Disseminate information on rules, regulations, laws, Govt. notifications, Technological Developments and ensure compliance
  • Educate Industry on current & emerging global issues impacting industry & Environment through Seminars/ Conferences/Plant Visits
  • Address important areas like Sustainability of Chlorine Chemistry through Chlorine molecule campaign
  • AMAI endeavours to promote the growth of the Alkali and Chloro-Vinyl industries and thereby contributing to the country’s economic growth.
  • The Association organizes conferences, seminars, training sessions regularly. AMAI’s focus activities and publications include:
  • Research Studies and Reports.
  • Reference Books, Manuals and Guidelines
  • Annual Industry Statistics
  • Monthly Magazine, Alkali Bulletin
  • Publications on Safety
  • AMAI is actively involved in various activities and initiatives that contribute to the growth and well-being of its members. This includes organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences to disseminate knowledge and discuss emerging trends in the chlorine sector.
  • AMAI serves as a strong advocate for the chlorine industry, engaging with policymakers and regulatory bodies to shape policies that are conducive to the growth of its members. The association works towards creating a regulatory environment that ensures safety, sustainability, and competitiveness.
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  • AMAI facilitates collaboration and networking among its members, fostering a community of industry professionals. This collaborative approach enables members to share best practices, address common challenges, and explore opportunities for joint ventures.
  • Promoting safety and adhering to environmental standards are key focus areas for AMAI. The association works closely with its members to ensure that manufacturing processes are aligned with global safety norms and environmental sustainability principles.
  • AMAI recognizes the importance of continuous learning and skill development in the rapidly evolving chemical industry. The association organizes training programs and skill development initiatives to enhance the capabilities of its members’ workforce.

Below is a numbered list of some notable members of AMAI along with their related websites:

  1. Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.:
  2. Grasim Industries Limited:
  3. Tata Chemicals Limited:
  4. Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd (GACL):
  5. Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) Limited:
  6. DCM Shriram Limited:
  7. Chemfab Alkalis Limited:

Durgapur Chemicals Ltd.
Durgapur, West Bengal

Grasim Industries Ltd.
Rehla, Jharkhand
Ganjam, Odisha
Renukoot, Uttar Pradesh

Orient Paper Mills (CS Unit)
Amlai, Madhya Pradesh

Atul Ltd.
Valsad, Gujarat

Century Rayon, Chemical Plant
(Under the management & operation of
Grasim Industries Ltd.)
Shahad, Thane, Maharashtra.

DCM Shriram Ltd.
Jhagadia, Gujarat

Grasim Industries Ltd.
Nagda, Madhya Pradesh
Veraval, Gujarat
Vilayat, Gujarat

Gujarat Alkalies &
Chemicals Ltd.

Dahej, Gujarat
Vadodara, Gujarat

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd.
Dahej, Gujarat

Kutch Chemicals Inds. Ltd.
Gandhidham, Gujarat

Meghmani Finechem Ltd.
Dahej, Gujarat

Nirma Ltd.
Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Reliance Industries Ltd.
Dahej, Gujarat

Tata Chemicals Ltd.
Mithapur, Gujarat

DCM Shriram Ltd.
Kota, Rajasthan

Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd.
Alwar, Rajasthan

Primo Chemicals Ltd.
Naya-Nangal, Punjab

Bodal Chemicals Ltd. Unit XII
Rajpura, Punjab

Chemfab Alkalis Ltd.
Kalapet, Puducherry

Chemplast Sanmar Ltd.
Karaikal, Puducherry
Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu

DCW Ltd.
Sahupuram, Tamil Nadu

Grasim Industries Ltd.
Karwar, Karnataka
BB, Andhra Pradesh

Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Sugars Ltd.
Saggonda, Andhra Pradesh

The Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd.
Kochi, Kerala

Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd.


  • The Installed Capacity as on 31st March 2023 was 55.65 Lakh MTPA
  • The Production during the year 2022-23 was 44.73 Lakh MT
  • The Capacity utilization was 80% during 2022-23
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Imports decreased by 33%, to 136 KT during the year.

Exports increased by 34%, to 458 KT during the year.

Mr. Ajay Virmani
Managing Director,
Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd.
Mr. Aditya A. ShriramDeputy Managing Director,
DCM Shriram Ltd.
Vice President

AMAI’s journey has been characterized by a commitment to excellence, safety, and sustainability in the chlorine industry. By fostering collaboration, advocating for industry-friendly policies, and promoting best practices, AMAI continues to be a driving force behind the growth of its members and the overall chemical manufacturing sector in India. As the association evolves, its role in shaping the future of the chlorine industry remains instrumental. The collaboration among its diverse membership underscores the shared vision of building a thriving, responsible, and innovative chemical manufacturing ecosystem in the country.

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