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Strange to weird applications of caustic soda

Strange to weird applications of caustic soda

by hossien moshiri
strange applications of caustic soda

Production of soap from human corpses

Manufacturing of pretzels

Another unexpected application of caustic soda lies in the manufacturing of pretzels. Pretzels, those twisted, salty delights, are given their unique texture and flavor through an incredibly precise process. Caustic soda is used as a dipping solution before baking, creating the characteristic golden brown crust and distinctive taste that we associate with pretzels.

Brewing beer

Aside from pretzels, caustic soda is also used in brewing beer. More specifically, it is utilized to clean and sanitize beer kegs and equipment. Its highly alkaline nature helps eliminate bacteria, ensuring the beer remains fresh and safe for consumption. Although it may seem strange to associate caustic soda with beer, it plays a vital role in maintaining the quality and hygiene of this popular beverage.

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Old masterpieces restoration

Moving away from food and beverages, caustic soda also finds its way into the world of art restoration. It is commonly used for the removal of varnish and paint from old masterpieces. The high alkalinity of caustic soda breaks down the layers of varnish and paint, revealing the original beauty of the artwork. However, it is essential to handle caustic soda with extreme care to avoid damaging the artwork or altering its original colors.

Making petrified wood

For those seeking a unique and decorative addition to their gardens or landscapes, caustic soda can be used to create stunning petrified wood. Petrification is the process of transforming wood into stone while preserving its original structure. Caustic soda is applied to the wood, dissolving its organic matter and allowing minerals to penetrate and solidify the cells, ultimately turning the wood into stone.


Caustic soda’s unusual applications continue in the realm of taxidermy. It is utilized to remove flesh and excess tissue from animal carcasses, allowing taxidermists to achieve a more accurate and natural-looking final product. The chemical’s corrosive properties aid in the delicate process of preserving and transforming animals into lifelike mounts for display.

UFO and caustic soda

Hair straightening treatments

Moving to the realm of personal care, caustic soda plays a role in hair straightening treatments. Certain hair relaxer products, designed to straighten curly or frizzy hair, contain caustic soda. It breaks down the protein bonds in the hair, allowing it to be reshaped into a more manageable and straight style. However, the use of caustic soda in hair treatments requires careful application and professional expertise to avoid damage or harm to the hair and scalp.

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Mining industry

Lastly, caustic soda finds an application in the mining industry. It is used to extract aluminum from bauxite ore through a process known as the Bayer process. Caustic soda is used to dissolve aluminum oxide, leaving behind a sodium aluminate solution that can later be processed to obtain pure aluminum. This process is crucial in the production of aluminum, a metal widely used in various industries.

In conclusion, caustic soda truly proves that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to its applications. From its involvement in crime to creating petrified wood, caustic soda’s weird applications showcase its versatility and power. While some may find these applications peculiar, they demonstrate the diverse and unexpected uses of this chemical compound.

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